Ronald McDonald House receives donation from Savannah Maritime after-hours group

Ronald McDonald House receives check from Savannah Maritime after-hours

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some big Savannah businesses are giving back in a big way.

Tuesday, the Savannah Maritime after-hours group donated $2,000 to the Ronald McDonald House. The group is made up of logistics and port-related businesses in Savannah, and has been collecting the donations all year.

This year, the annual donation was increased by $500.

“It was a great surprise to us,” said Bill Sorochak, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House. “You never expect to, and we’ve been very blessed over the last five years to be the recipients of these funds, and then finding out today it was also going to be increased, you just can’t ask for a better Christmas present.”

All the money will be used to help families staying at the Ronald McDonald House with a place to stay, food, and more.

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