Savannah Fire concerned over increased kitchen fires


SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Nine lights now shine on the Savannah Fire Christmas wreath, which symbolizes nine Savannah house fires during the holiday season.

Fire Investigator Ronald Harmon with SFD said they’ve recently responded to more kitchen fires than usual.

“There’s not particularly any rhyme or reason to it," Harmon said. "When the weather gets colder, we do find more instances of fires related to heating and people trying to stay warm, but kitchen fires and cooking is something that we have all the time.”

Neighbors at 39th and Bulloch streets are wishing the best for the family of 10 forced out of their home Tuesday night to a kitchen fire.

“I was thinking what in the world happened,” Kiwani Ervin said.

Investigator Harmon showed WTOC how they find signs pointing to where the fire started. He said the damage from this recent fire is at the top of the stove. Savannah Fire wants you to pay more attention when cooking this season.

“To supervise the cooking, all to often people will get distracted, they’ll get a text message or a phone call and they’ll step away from their stove and that’s when something happens,” Harmon said.

Another 39th Street resident, Jerry West, said he hated to see this happen and hopes the Cuyler-Brownsville neighborhood will not add anymore lights to the SFD Christmas Wreath.

“Hopefully, this time of year with the holidays, everybody stays safe and watches what they are doing," West said. " Just make sure your family is safe.”

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