Family Day held at Fort Stewart as part of Marne Week

Family Day held at Fort Stewart as part of Marne Week

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Marne Week is coming to an end at Fort Stewart. All week long, the 3rd ID has been competing in challenges, but Thursday was all about the families.

It’s a time for soldiers to unwind a little and enjoy their families and community, and also show people what they do on a daily basis.

Kids ran around on missions and obstacle courses, and some took tours of black hawks or even learned about the tanks displayed at Fort Stewart.

Marne Week is full of activities, but it’s also a time for soldiers to show off their day jobs or teach others a sample of what they do when they train.

Soldiers were also able to compete with each other and show off their physical abilities in over 25 different competitive events.

“I love going out and competing. I think most people in the Army do, and it definitely brings the unit a lot closer and gets people interacting that don’t typically interact with each other within the unit, and it gives us an opportunity to meet people at higher epsilons in our units," said Ssgt. Krassowski.

These units competed all week long, but only one gets the bragging rights with the commanders cup.

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