SCCPSS BOE police chief talks about next year’s goals

SCCPSS BOE police chief talks about next year’s goals

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham County Public School Board members made safety and security a top priority this year.

The district has invested in their police department and focused on staffing of school resource officers and security aids. ​In addition to adding that human capital, Board of Education Police Chief Terry Enoch says his department is still focused on enhancing security in aging schools and hardening potential target areas.

There is one area the chief says is a big issue that they need to address, and that’s students' use of social media. Recently, school police have had to address social media post issues at Windsor Forest and Beach High Schools. Chief Enoch says neither are current or continuing threats, but they highlight the need to improve student online awareness, at a much earlier age.

“There’s a digital footprint pledge that I will be talking about at a later date. We will be starting in our elementary schools to educate our kids on how to use social media in a responsible way,” Chief Enoch said.

The chief says there are a few new initiatives he’s looking to start in the new year - one in particular he shared with us during our interview.

“Probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself, but I’m excited about it, I don’t mind sharing it. It is our Lunch with a Cop program. It’s actually lunch and recess with the cop program,” he said.

The chief says police in towns like Port Wentworth and Garden City have already expressed a willingness to participate in the initiative that looks to create bonds between police in the surrounding municipalities, and the children they protect.

Enoch says he feels like the board has his back when it comes to funding the things they’d like to do, and recent grants his department has received are helping to fill in the gaps with enhancements to the 911 system and officer training.

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