6 months later: No one arrested, charged for death of Shawntray Grant

Updated: Dec. 10, 2018 at 6:05 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Six months ago this week, community activist Shawntray Grant was gunned down in an apartment complex parking lot.

Savannah Police are still searching for answers tonight about who killed Grant and why. Those who knew him say he fought for justice for others. Now, they want the same for him.

“It’s been horrendous,"

That’s how attorney Chad Mance described the last six months for the Grant family since the 32-year-old was gunned down in June.

“Shawntray would’ve been standing here at 32, 33-years-old. He had a whole lot of life to live,” Mance said.

Aside from learning to live with their grief, they’re living without any concrete answers about who did this and why.

“There are numerous stories out there about what happened to Shawntray. We do know that it probably shouldn’t have happened,” Mance said. “We do know that it was a totally preventable death and we do know that there are people out there with knowledge of exactly how it occurred.”

The silence hasn’t sat well with Savannah Alderman Van Johnson since the shooting.

“It’s six months that the Grant family doesn’t know who killed their beloved Shawntray," Johnson said. “It’s six months we have murders still roaming our streets. It’s six months that still people know what had occurred, and yet six months they’ve stayed silent.”

Aside from knowing Grant in their professional capacities, both knew him personally.

“It’s a rough case," Mance said. “I knew Shawntray personally, and I saw a lot of the good work that he had done in the community. It ads perspective to what we do.”

As he fights for justice for Grant’s family, Mance hopes to also continue Shawntray’s fight to end gun violence.

“Shawntray’s death should be a signal to the community that we’ve got to do something," Mance said. "I think he’d want everybody to know that we’ve got to stop killing each other. We’ve got to stop killing each other.”

Crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information.

“We want full justice for what happened to Shawntray, Mance said. “I mean, we want..if we can save a life, we want to save a life. If we can prevent a death, we want to prevent a death. If we can make our community safer, we want to do that too. They want to do everything they can to live out what his dreams were, and what Shawntray really wanted more than anything else was to end gun violence and to end needless violence in this community.”

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