Top Teacher: Dr. Regina Meeler, Windsor Forest Elementary

Top Teacher: Dr. Regina Meeler

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The title of “Doctor” doesn’t usually end up before an elementary school teacher’s name, but teaching 5th Graders in Savannah is a way for Dr. Regina Meeler to pay it forward.

“I was a professor for a little bit, but heart and passion is with kids,” Dr. Meeler said.

Dr. Meeler feels right at home at Windsor Forest Elementary. That because she went there when she was a little girl.

“I had some awesome teachers here that made a difference in my life, so I kind of wanted to return the favor and be here for others as well,” she said.

Meeler has been in education for 30 years, but still gets a kick out of seeing those light bulb moments.

“That moment when you see someone learn something, we were just sitting there and one of the students made such great progress, I was smiling bigger than him,” she said.

Seeing the kids succeed is what motivates her every day.

“There is so much excitement when you see a child learn. In my life, I have teachers who have made that difference. They were patient with me and helped me through things. I just wanted to do the same,” Dr. Meeler said.

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