Farmers looking to Congress to deliver Farm Bill

Farmers waiting on Farm Bill

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - In Washington, both houses of Congress have signed off on a new Farm Bill.

This weather has farmers socked in on Friday, but they’re hoping for a brighter outlook soon if Washington can deliver a Farm Bill soon.

Foggy skies and outlooks could lift once a federal farm bill becomes law. Cotton and peanut farmer Lee Cromley says the current proposal up for the president’s signature resembles the old plan and offers stability.

“It continues to offer a safety net when prices may dip below the cost of production, and it offers insurance for those that choose to purchase it,” said farmer, Lee Cromly.

The Farm Bill includes everything from crop commodity rules to food stamps and school lunch guidelines. Cromley says those create more controversy than protecting farmers and the nation’s food supply.

“We can make investments and long term plans in equipment and machinery, and you need to know the rules of the game before you make those long term decisions.”

He says letting a farm bill lapse like it did this fall makes farmers and the market uneasy about what happens next.

The president could sign that bill as early as next week.

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