Attempted robbery caught on camera at Rincon convenience store

Attempted robbery caught on camera in Rincon

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - Rincon Police are searching for two people who tried to rob a Chevron gas station.

In the surveillance video, you can see the suspect walk in carrying a shotgun, but that’s not the only thing police are concerned about. The time code on the video places the suspects entering the gas station around 9:51, Wednesday night.

“One subject was armed with a shortened-barreled shotgun, and the other subject stood outside, possibly armed as well," said Chief Mark Gerbino, Rincon Police Department.

In the video, you can see the man walk around the counter looking for the clerk, who just happened to be in the restroom while this was happening. The suspect looks around for a few seconds, then decides to go with plan B. He reaches over the counter and grabs a pack of cigarettes. Police say when they were leaving the store, there were at least two witnesses who saw them, but no one called police.

“We had a 16 minute lapse in the time we got the call. We were there within 40 seconds.”

Police say if one of those witnesses would have called them, this attempted robbery could have possibly had a different outcome.

“Particularly during holiday time, pay attention. No call to the police is ever a wasted call. In this case, it could have possibly eliminated a recurrence of this kind of event, and maybe put these suspects, who are armed and dangerous, in custody.”

Police are asking that you take a good look at the video to see if you recognize anything about the suspects in the video. They believe the suspect carrying the shotgun is a man, and the person waiting outside is a woman.

Officials say they are thankful the witnesses were observant during the crime, but they want to remind people to call police immediately if they see anything out of the ordinary.

“Our officers get paid to go out and remedy those kinds of risks and those kinds of threats. Had they had that 16 minutes back, it’s quite possible we would be showing you pictures of suspects in custody.”

Police say both left the store and ran to the back of the station. They aren’t sure if they had a car waiting for them or not.

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