Consider This: Don’t Drink and Drive

Consider This: Don’t Drink and Drive

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - ‘Tis the season… for over indulgence.

Something about the holidays that allows us to throw caution to the wind, taking our diets and better judgement with it. Too many holiday cookies. too many holiday parties. Too many holiday temptations to eat, drink and be merry.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not just the food that we have too much of and that leaves far too many people making life or death decisions about getting behind the wheel of their car.

Every day, 27 people in America die as a result of drunk driving crashes, a sobering statistic that became all too real for us at WTOC this year.

Once again, WTOC along with other TV stations across the country are joining together to support Project Roadblock, an effort to remind our viewers on-air and on-line to not drive buzzed.

Since the inception of the project in 2004, we believe we have played a role in seeing on average a 40 percent decline in drunk driving deaths per day over the Christmas holiday season and a 28 percent decline per day over the New Year’s holiday period.

Consider this: Don’t drink and drive. Period. Plan by designating a driver or take a cab or an Uber. If you don’t plan ahead then call a friend or a relative to bring you home. But don’t get behind the wheel endangering your life and others.

As always, drink responsibly. Be safe and make sure the holiday memories you’re creating are happy ones.

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