Gift Wrap Company in Midway not shutting down


MIDWAY, GA (WTOC) -Rumors have been spreading about a wrapping paper company in Midway shutting down. Instead, some big changes are underway at the Liberty County plant.

Gideon Schlessinger, a corporate representative of the company says "We are not shutting down the Midway location. We are consolidating some of our manufacturing operations to make them more efficient. The windows are boarded up right now at the factory store where people normally go, but the building is just under construction. "

Schlessinger says "We are maintaining a large distribution facility with some manufacturing and many customer service, logistics, and finance functions in our Midway facility. We are also consolidating our manufacturing, which was in Memphis and Midway, into our Memphis location. "

According to the company, some of the employees at the midway location will be moving to Memphis, Tennessee and others will stay in Midway to work in the different departments they will still have here.

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