UPS Store gathers funds for shooting victim’s family


SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -An arrest in a November murder case in Savannah could bring a family closer to receiving justice. While waiting for the judicial process to play out, those who knew the victim, Donte Chisholm, are organizing an effort to help the family financially.

​Savannah Police arrested Victor McMillar in the unincorporated part of Chatham County on Monday, charging him with the November 3rd shooting of Chisholm and his wife Desiree.

Desiree Chisholm was critically wounded that night, and has been recovering from her injuries ever since. While the details of what played out that night that led to the Chisholm’s being shot are still part of an on-going case, we are getting a sense of what the victims meant to those around them. Donte Chisholm, a driver for UPS, was well-liked by those he interacted with while on the job.

In fact, some of his co-workers wanted to help his family out in any way they could, and at the UPS store on Bryan Street they’ve been collecting donations for the family for a little over a month. The store’s general manager says the loss of Chisholm was felt throughout the Savannah UPS family.

“Super sad, super sad," lamented General Manager Pete Elenbaas. "What a loss. Everybody knew him, loved him, always had a big smile on his face. Great family man, just a super guy. So, broken-hearted to hear what happened to him.”

​Elenbaas says they’re taking what was collected so far to the family before Christmas, but they’ll still take donations to help the family if anyone wants to help out.

Victor McMillar was released on parole this past June after serving two-thirds of a five year, two month prison sentence for possession of marijuana and tools to commit a crime.

​He was also charged with having a gun as a convicted felon. It’s this mugshot that got us looking into his background, though. This is the picture police gave us back in 2010 after tying McMillar to an armed robbery. McMillar ended up indicted for that crime. Since that time, an arrest record given to me by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office reveals more instances of McMillar being charged and jailed for having a gun as a convicted felon and violating the terms of his probation.

Again, McMillar was released back in June after serving 65-percent of his five year sentence. Had he served the full term, he would have been behind bars until April of 2020. Now, it’s up to justice system to determine what role, if any, Victor McMillar had in the November shooting of Desiree Chisholm and shooting death of her husband, Donte.

With regard to how parole is granted, a representative with the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles said this:

In general, the board members take into account the offender’s criminal history and entire prison record including the many program completions an offender has. Positive behavioral change on the offender’s part is considered. Information considered if provided to the board also includes victim’s information and that from the prosecutor if submitted to the board. Much of the information in a parole case file is public and can be found elsewhere such as court documents and sentencing information. Other information is protected by state law such as the offender’s medical/health information and victim information.

In a guidelines case whereas the offender by law must serve one third of the prison term, utilizing the board’s parole decision making guidelines rating system, the board is directed with a recommendation regarding parole by the guidelines which the board follows approximately 80% of the time. It has discretion to mandate more time or less time if parole is recommended by the guidelines for the individual.

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