Helpful tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the holidays

Helpful tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the holidays
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Most people are still wrapping up end of the year work and shopping for gifts and it can all become quite overwhelming.

WTOC Anchor Romney Smith sat down with Melissa Gratias, who has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology on how we can best manage the stress. She shared four tips with me. If you’re going to tackle your to do list yourself, the first tip is to make it reasonable.

“Cut it in half! Take something and make it much more doable if you still have to do it yourself,” says Gratias.

Next up, Delegate it! Most of us can’t ask someone else to get our vehicle fixed, but we need to run to neighborhood stores. Gratias advises partnering up with a coworker or friend who needs to run similar errands.

“Find a friend, find a coworker and say you do the post office run and I will do the Target run and you help each other that way,” says Gratias.

If you need to get work and personal errands done, but simply don’t have the time, the third tip is to defer it. That can last a few days, weeks, months or more.

“It’s not going to go away forever, but it needs to be deferred to next Christmas , so deferral is one way to keep your expectations realistic,” says Gratias.

Lastly, if you can’t do it yourself, delegate it, or defer it, she says dump it.

“So when do you dump it? When it stops bringing joy. When its bringing anxiety and regret its just time to let it go,” says Gratias.

At the end of the day, simplify your life and reduce your stress by focusing on the things that truly matter and make you happy. Because that’s what the season is all about.

To learn more on productivity, visit Melissa Gratias’ website here.

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