Local police offer holiday safety tips for those going out-of-town

SPD offers tips to help prevent holiday crime

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With many of you heading out of town for the holidays, local police departments have tips to keep your belongings safe while you’re gone.

If you have a house alarm, set it. Savannah Police say a lot of people leave their homes without turning on the alarm. Crime prevention officers suggest you leave outside lights on, or leave them on a timer. If you have an extra car, park it in front of your house or in the driveway, and let the department know you’ll be gone.

“We do recommend that if you are going out of town that you at least contact our precinct and let them know that you’ll be out of town for which period of time,” said Cpl. Sharif Lockett, Savannah Police Crime Prevention Unit. “That way, we can have extra patrol to your residence, and we’ll have it documented as well. We’ll have additional officers driving by just making sure everything seems right.”

Police also warn against posting on social media about being out of town. It can be an invitation for criminals.

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