Savannah Bananas Owner Jesse Cole writes ‘Find Your Yellow Tux’

Savannah Bananas Owner Jesse Cole writes ‘Find Your Yellow Tux’

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Jesse Cole has made quite the name and reputation for himself as the main front man for The Savannah Bananas. For just about a year now, the owner of the team has been sharing his story in his book.

“I’ve been able to have passion and excitement everyday, and see our staff have that same thing, and it’s amazing when you live your live with that amount of passion. I share that journey and how we’re able to do it, and how business can make it happen in their company, and people can have this happen in their regular life," Cole said.

Cole says he’s heard from senior citizens to kids who say the book has had an impact to make them want to live life differently, and that was his goal. He’s not asking everyone to go out and get a yellow tux - just figure out how you’re different, and use it.

“But everyone has something that makes them stand out, and whatever that is, get over the fear and start doing it," Cole said. "So many people are thinking about things that they want to do, but they don’t start doing it and really living life to the fullest, and when you do that, everything else takes care of itself. The money, the life, the happiness, and it’s been a wild ride but I’m enjoying it man.”

“We’re so set on trying to fit in, but it’s the standing out that makes a difference, and makes an impact.”

While Cole may seem like an overnight success in Savannah, he’s been in baseball for 12 years now, and he believes personal growth comes from trying something different everyday.

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