Top Teacher: Anna Swint, Silson Elementary

WTOC Top Teacher: Anna Swint

BROOKLET, GA (WTOC) -This week’s WTOC Top Teacher always wanted to be a teacher to help leave a lasting impression on students.

Anna Swint is only at her second year teaching at Stilson Elementary School In Bulloch County but has already left her mark on her students.

“Mrs. Swint is the best teacher,” said A’Kenya Cone. “She makes it fun and understandable.”

“I hope they are self motivated, I hope they are resilient, that no matter what they come across in life, that they just push through that wall, we believe in the power of yet,” said Swint. “I can’t do it yet, But that doesnt mean we won’t be able to do it ever.”

Another mark, Swint has left is on the wall. Everyone who attends or teaches at Stilson gets to leave their handprints on the wall, which has a special meaning to her.

“My husband actually came through Stilson, my husband came through here, now my handprints are on the wall, and my daughters prints are on the wall,” said one parent. " I love the community aspect of it, So I appreciate other people are looking out for my kids as I look for other kids too."

Swint is also leaving another mark, by starting up a Drama Club at the school.

“If these students are allowed to learn to project their voice, hold themselves confidently,how to communicate effectively, if they learn that in a club and can translate that to class to write effectively to other students, to their teachers and staff, then that is a win for me," said Swint.

“She is always engaging in the classroom, the kids are always energized, eveytime I go in there, you know to do an observation, I don’t even want to leave out the classroom, because it’s just so much fun,” said Tanita McDowell, principal of Stilson Elementary School.

“I just love my class,” said Swint. “I want to say than you to each and every one of you. It’s a blessing its a priviledge, I am honored because my students are all of those things I want you to be. You’re brave, your courageous, and I’m very proud of you all.”

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