Good News: Street dedicated to Savannah neighborhood crusader

Good News: Honorary street sign dedication

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Friday, the City of Savannah honored a woman for her dedication to her neighborhood.

A windy, rainy day in the Windsor Forest area of Savannah couldn’t keep a crowd away for a special sign dedication and unveiling for neighborhood crusader, Jackie Haberman.

“Jackie has opened doors to everyone in this community,” said former Savannah mayor, Edna Jackson.

The city honored Mrs. Haberman for her tireless work with the Windsor Forest Neighborhood Association since 1997. She’s credited with founding the group, but she makes it clear it’s always been a group effort.

“That sign stands for all the people, during all these years, that have worked so hard,” Haberman said.

Alderman Tony Thomas says positive changes in this district could not have been accomplished without her.

“There is no greater person in the world that I have ever worked with, worked for, and been associated with, than that lady right there,” Thomas said.

Mrs. Haberman says she cannot put into words how this honor makes her feel.

“I did everything I could not to cry. Seeing all these people, I can’t describe what its done inside,” she said. “I told my husband a minute ago, ‘I think I made it through without crying.' It’s been very emotional. I’ve loved all those people. We’ve worked so hard."

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