10th annual Feed the Hungry event feeds hundreds

10th annual Feed the Hungry event feeds hundreds

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Representative Carl Gilliard and other organizations hosted the 10th annual Savannah feed the hungry event on Sunday. Food, toys and even opportunities for jobs were all part of this event.

Hundreds of kids will also have toys to open on Christmas morning.

“It’s always a plus to have the extra help,” said one woman present. “I am a single mother so it worked. It worked out.”

She says that a hot meal and gifts for her three children was a good enough Christmas gift for her this year.

“This is the largest sit down dinner in Savannah," said Representative Carl Gilliard The working poor is who we serve. A hot meal. Fresh produce. Poultry. Toys. Entertainment. Jobs and more.”

Carl Gilliard started this event ten years ago to feed the less fortunate and provide for kids so they’d wake up smiling on Christmas morning.

“I try to remember every time I come to something like this that I am lucky," said Annabelle Horton. "It’s so important to give back to people who may not be as fortunate.”

Kids and their parents stood in line with smiles for bags of toys. People filled their stomachs, and packed boxes of food to take home.

And people who participated say they will always give back to a cause this great.

“I will always do my best to try to give in any way that I can because when you do that," said Marleux Jones. "You are giving a piece of what you’ve dealt with and saying hey I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I know how you feel.”

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