GSP expecting heavy holiday travel to start back up Wednesday

GSP expecting heavy holiday travel to start back up Wednesday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia State Patrol knows the heavy travel period starts back up Wednesday, but that’s not keeping troopers off the roads on Christmas Day.

WTOC Reporter Sean Evans got to ride along with one trooper who wasn’t trying to be a Grinch, but instead, keep people safe as they hit the highways Tuesday morning.

With more than two decades of law enforcement experience, Georgia State Patrol Sergeant Chris Nease knows what it’s like to work the holidays - the good and bad.

“We still have fatalities and crashes on Christmas Day," Sgt. Nease said to a driver during a traffic stop along I-95.

Even though the driver was clocked going 87 in a 70 mile-per-hour zone, they still didn’t think it deserved a ticket.

“Are you trying to say you should be exempt?" Nease asked the motorist.

The driver replied, “I’m trying to say that you should have some kindness.” Nease insisted, “I do have kindness, sir.”

Sgt. Nease knows no one wants a lump of coal this Christmas Day in the form of a speeding ticket, but it’s important work, and it’s a sacrifice.

“So people know we’re still out here, being visible and trying to keep them safe. The worst thing is having to be away from my family when they’re at home and want me there.”

Some drivers seemed to realize that, even if they picked up a speeding ticket.

“Alright, y’all be safe today,” Nease said to another driver during a different stop.

“Merry Christmas,” said several in the car.

“Y’all the same," Nease said to them.

Before the trooper walked away, a “Sorry you have to work," came from the car.

“I appreciate that. Thank you," Nease said, and walked back to his patrol car.

The sergeant says historically, people tend to drive faster on the holidays, thinking that law enforcement won't be out watching traffic.

We did see the radar picking up speeds in excess of 90 miles-per-hour on the interstate.

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