Day after Christmas shopping becoming a trend

Day after Christmas shopping becoming a trend

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - If you spent Wednesday in the stores, you’re not alone. Plenty of people went looking for gifts, for others or themselves, while many stores hold over the holiday sales.

You might think people would be shopped-out the day after Christmas, but judging by the crowds, Dec. 26 may be turning into everyone’s favorite day to shop. People buzzed through the Statesboro Mall like it was the day before Christmas - not after.

Caroline James had her family in tow, looking for deals.

“It’s my daughter’s birthday, so we came to shop with her, but there are sales; half off, and kids have gift cards,” James said.

Window signs tell you retailers still want the holiday business, But they also know people may have shifted back to getting instead of giving.

"People have spent the season buying those gifts for someone special. Now, they can think, ‘what am I going to buy for myself,’ said Maddy Weiss, Cheeky Bliss.

For others, it was about getting those gifts for delayed Christmas gatherings and being together.

“This whole Christmas season has been about making memories, and we’re doing it still today. We’ve spent the day together shopping and making memories,” said Heather Merritt, Statesboro.

Retailers say it can sometimes depend on which day of the week Christmas falls and how soon folks have to go to work, but it seems like it’s becoming a trend.

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