Shoppers taking advantage of holiday bargains

Day after Christmas sales

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Shoppers in Savannah are taking advantage of the holiday bargains.

According to CNN, this shopping season may be the best holiday shopping in six years. They are also expecting a rise in shoppers buying Christmas gifts after Christmas. That and the reduced prices are drawing shoppers out, but surprisingly, the ones we’ve talked to say it hasn’t been that busy.

“Definitely more relaxing than shopping before Christmas,” said shopper, Leidy Jorgue. “It’s calm. There’s really not a lot of people shopping right now, which is nice. Especially, back home where I’m from, you don’t want to be at the mall before the holidays.”

Dec. 26 is also known for its return rush. The National Retail Federation reports that 13 percent of holiday purchases will be returned, with the majority of those returns being clothes.

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