Top Teacher: Yoko Parker, Midway Middle School

WTOC Top Teacher: Yoko Parker, Midway Middle School

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - This week’s WTOC Top Teacher says she’s not in it for the income, but rather the outcome. She wants her students to fly high and know the sky is the limit.

We caught math teacher Yoko Parker a little speechless at Midway Middle School, but it only took a few minutes for her to get back her gift of gab.

“That I speak loudly, that my voice is heard, and they don’t say anything. My voice is heard all the way down the hall. I’m not restrained here, and there is nothing but love here,” Parker said. “I call them my boo. I love you all and I’m really thankful. I am. I really am.”

Parker has been teaching at Midway Middle for nine years but grew up in Bulloch County.

“I am from Statesboro; homecoming queen - but I love Midway. I’ve been here my entire teaching career,” she said.

It was in Statesboro where she was inspired to become a math teacher, from her 7th Grade teacher at Langston Chapel Middle School, Tim Mincey, who was the former WTOC Top Teacher himself.

“The way he broke the subject down to me, and made the subject come together; the way he taught it to me, I can actually do this.”

She now knows she can help others do this too, and that nothing is impossible.

“We are a team. Never hesitate to ask me anything. I’m texting all the time. I want nothing but the best for my babies,” Parker said.

“I chose Ms. Parker because she helped us learn in a fun way,” said student, Jayvier Rodriguez.

“I don’t know your living situations, but that can’t be your destinations. You are destined for greatness. Everybody is destined for greatness, and I just want to help you,” she said. “If there is anything you need from me, don’t hesitate because I love you all. I am very honored for this and thankful for this.”

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