Montgomery County officials warning of possible river flooding

Montgomery County officials concerned about flooding

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - The wet weekend forecast has people in one part of Montgomery County on alert.

Emergency leaders say they’re asking people to pay attention to the weather.

Flood waters have already crossed Three Rivers Lane and could rise higher and cover other roads in the basin area. Montgomery County EMA Director Donnie Daniels says they’ve seen rain over the past week or so, but they’re also concerned about the rain forecast to the north of them.

“Anything that comes from Milledgeville, Lake Sinclair, that area, and comes down the Oconee, naturally affects us,” Daniels said.

They’ll get that water there, as well as water released from the dam to prevent flooding. Daniels says they’re only a few feet from flood levels now, so he’s urging people to keep an eye on river levels so they know what’s coming and don’t wait until the last minute.

“We’ve always told people to have a plan, especially if you live in this area. Always have a plan,” Daniels said.

He doesn’t think it will rise to the flooding level they saw there two years ago.

If they do order people to evacuate, they promise to patrol the area to make sure nobody is stealing.

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