Texas, Georgia fans enjoy New Orleans Sugar Bowl 2019

Texas, Georgia fans enjoy New Orleans Sugar Bowl 2019

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Texas and Georgia fans descended on New Orleans this holiday weekend for not only the New Year, but also the 2019 Sugar Bowl.

“There’s a lot of Georgia fans and a lot of Texas fans. It was a lot of fun last night - a lot of Georgia fans barking and a lot of Texas longhorns,” said Georgia fan Mike Brantley.

And despite a drizzly, damp start in Champions Square, both Texas and Georgia fans flooded in for the game. They’re two teams with fan bases that love to travel, so making the trip to New Orleans over the holiday weekend was, for many, a no-brainer.

“I was at the Sugar Bowl in ‘95 when we lost to Virginia Tech, so I’m glad to be back,” said Longhorn fan Danny Wallace.

“I see a lot of us, but we need some more! That’s cause we have the best fan base in the nation, baby, yea!” said Georgia fan Dwayne Smith.

Even a few locals say they were happy to be among their fellow fans in their hometown.

“You like to see LSU, but Georgia’s good, close to my heart,” said Kim Guidry.

Mark Romig with the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation says the two teams bring people from across the country at once, which means quite an economic boost.

“The Sugar Bowl over the last couple of years has seen anywhere between $150 (million) and $200 million in economic impact. That spending money coming into the city and touching a lot of things - restaurants, hotels, attractions, retail,” said Romig.

Whether they’re for the Dawgs or the Longhorns, many fans are saying they can’t wait to come back to New Orleans.

It's been a while since either team played in the Sugar Bowl.

Georgia last played after the 2007 season. Texas last played after the 1995 season.

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