Pink House general manager speaks about fire


SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -It has been 11 days since the Olde Pink House fire and crews are working diligently to get the restaurant open at a steady pace.

The Olde Pink House has a storied, iconic past, but the fire revealed just how much of a Savannah institution it is.

“Everyday you hear a story from someone, it may be their personal experience, or it may go back two generations, where some family has celebrated some major occurrence in their life," said General Manager Craig Jeffress. "You know you matter, you truly know you matter with the stories, and at times like this, you feel the community tell you how much you matter.”

Knowing what the Pink House means in Savannah has staff ready to return to work, but at a safe pace.

“We are working very aggressively, to be open in the coming weeks very shortly, earlier time frames, end of the month, first of February, and we’re working hard to get there,” said Jeffress.

He says the 248 year old original home is in tact, but they have to check behind walls to make sure it is sound. One thing that is certain is the staff that helps the restaurant function.

“Amazing people, amazing people, and we have a very large staff, a little over 250, and probably the best example is that there are some photos from that day, is there is one of our employees having to come out of a window, and there are about twelve of then waiting beneath waiting to catch her,” said Jeffress. “That’s our team.”

While Jeffress says there is no set date for opening, he is optimistic they will get there soon. He says they’re not waiting on the entire building to be ready-right now, it’s the basement, or Planters' Tavern, that will open first.

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