Recent rain impacting cotton harvest in Southeast Georgia

Recent rain impacting cotton harvest

BULLOCH COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Farmers need rain to grow their crops, but timing is everything.

Showers came day after day this fall when they needed to harvest crops like cotton. Now, it’s turned into too much of a good thing for some. Cotton would normally be long gone and at the gin by now, but rains through late fall have farmers still hoping to harvest it.

Cotton bolls hang by a thread on the plants waiting for enough dry weather to harvest. Ryne Brannen says they watched rainy days put them further and further behind on the last 10 percent of their cotton crop. He says trying to harvest before now would leave expensive tractors and equipment bogged in the mud, but he knows the longer it sits, the less he’ll get for it at the market.

“Lint that sits out in the weather loses weight and the grade diminishes when you get a bunch of rain on it like we’ve had,” Brannen said.

He’s thankful they got most of their crop harvested earlier or from higher ground. If it has to sit much longer, he’ll leave to plow under and focus on planting more this spring.

Ryne hopes they can get out here this week and get the rest of the cotton picked before two more days of rain this weekend.

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