Hundreds gather to toast soon-to-be GA Governor, Brian Kemp

Governor Elect Brian Kemp celebrates win

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hundreds came out to toast Georgia’s Governor-elect Brian Kemp in Savannah as he pushes towards his inauguration on Monday, Jan. 14. Those who came out to support like Marguerite Fischer who were heavy-weights over the last year for Kemp’s campaign in the Coastal Empire.

“But he really has Georgia and our concerns at heart," Fischer said. "I’ve found that he’s really open and honest and really good to talk to.”

Marolyn Overton, the President of Savannah Area Republican Women, said she’s happy this day finally came.

“He has such a plan for Georgia and I think it’s great. We’ve worked hard to get him elected. I think he’s going to listen to the people and do what the people want.”

Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap introduced Kemp to the stage at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Heap said she is supporting Kemp as she looks for him to support her and her prosecutors.

“My fight is for my prosecutors. I want to see them get raises," Heap said. "You know I tell them you get in the courtroom and do your job and my job is to give them the resources ... and he said he would work with me on that.”

Another goal Kemp harped on Wednesday night is to get gangs off the streets of Georgia.

“I’m going to work with Meg Heap and every prosecutor and law enforcement person in this state to go after drug cartels and street gangs you can count on that,” Kemp said.

That’s a similar goal of President Trump’s as the federal government remains shutdown pending funding for a border wall.

“I hope they get resolved,” Kemp said of the shutdown impacting federal workers in Georgia. “But I stand with him on securing the border and going after criminal drug cartels that are in are country and keeping our people safe.”

Kemp will be sworn into office on Monday, Jan. 14.

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