EPD, EPA testing for hazards after over 150 dogs kept on Montgomery Co. property

EPD, EPA testing for hazards after over 150 dogs kept on Montgomery Co. property

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - More charges could be on the way for a woman accused of keeping hundreds of dogs in filthy confined spaces.

We showed you some of the dogs and the conditions at two different locations - one in Candler County, and the other surrounding Angela Powell’s home in Montgomery County.

Powell is currently free on bond from charges in Candler County.

Powell’s yard in Montgomery County offers a stark contrast to what it looked like and sounded like just a few days ago. Authorities say the dogs may be gone, but the case against their former owner is not.

An animal rescue group, Guardians of Rescue, worked with the local sheriff’s office to take nearly 100 dogs from the home. Investigators convinced the owner to surrender them so they could be helped. Sheriff Doug Maybin says he and prosecutors expect reports from the rescue group’s vets that will lead to charges against Powell.

“This animal is in this shape, this animal is in this shape, and this animal is in this shape. You may have a charge on this dog, none of this dog, and multiple charges on this dog,” Sheriff Maybin said,

Powell already faces charges in Candler County after she took more than 100 other dogs there to another site.

Sheriff Maybin worries what a decade of so many dogs has done to the property and a nearby creek in Montgomery County. That’s why he called in teams from the EPD and EPA.

“Sampling the water, sampling the soil, whatever they have to do to determine if there’s a hazard,” the sheriff said.

He says the kennel might be closed, but the case is not.

Some of the people most impacted by this case are some of Powell’s relatives. We asked if they had any comment on what’s happening, and they say with the case still open, they do not. They want to see how it plays out in both Candler and Montgomery counties.

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