Good Samaritans in Riceboro giving out heaters to seniors

Heaters being given out to seniors in Riceboro

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - As temperatures drop across the area Thursday night, people in Riceboro are making sure seniors in their community and their families stay warm.

They gave out a couple of heaters, but in a town with a population of about 900, there are many families who need help staying warm during these cold nights.

Vivian Jones' home has been passed down from three generations. She says she will be the last to take care of it.

“I’m 70 years old now and I’ve been in this home for 70 years, and this was my mothers home," she said.

She says living on Peter King Road for many years, she’s often felt forgotten.

“I’ve been trying for a while to get help and there didn’t seem to be any help at the time," she said.

It was an emotional moment for her to see the city she’s grown up in give back to her and show her they do care about her well-being.

“I thank God that somebody is able and wants to help me," she said.

“It gives me joy because it hurts my heart when people live any kind of way, and we live in a good community, so I just want to be able to give back," said Chris Stacey, Riceboro City Councilman.

Jones says she’s made a lot of memories in her home, including raising her children there, but after so many years, the home has had its share of wear and tear - especially in the winter.

“I know that I don’t have sufficient heat. Even if I had the heat, there is still air coming in because of all of the cracks and broken windows I have in my home," she said.

She says even though her home is barely fit to live in, she’s thankful her prayers for help have been answered.

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