Chatham Area Transit getting new buses, route system redesign

Chatham Area Transit getting new buses, fixed routes

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Some big changes are coming to the Chatham Area Transit System this year.

A system-wide redesign of CAT’s fixed route bus network is in the near future, as well as energy-efficient buses.

“We’re still kind of working through that low no grant. There are kind of some procedure things that have to occur, but that will help us order more electric buses which the board has approved,” said Patricia Harris-Morehead, Chatham Area Transit.

Harris-Morehead says eventually, they will move towards a fully energy-efficient fleet. Until then, they have added 18 new buses into the routes and taken out older buses.

“The addition of the 18 new vehicles that we put into the fleet in June have put us in a perfect position to launch a system of redesign of our entire bus network.”

The purpose of the redesign is to make sure it caters more to the people who use the system every single day.

“We want individuals to give us their thoughts on what the perfect system looks like for Savannah and Chatham County, and offer input, and so we are very excited that we have this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

They will be taking feedback from the community on Jan. 15 at their open house.

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