Cool, dry start to the work week!

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Cloud cover sticks around this evening with temperatures falling from the 50s to the 40s as cooler air sinks south overnight. Morning lows fall near 40 degrees north of I-16, and in the low to mid 40s for the rest of us. It will be chilly heading out the door, but roadways will be dry. There will be peaks of sunshine during the afternoon with highs only in the mid 50s, which is below our average of 60 degrees.

Tuesday’s weather will be similar to Monday’s ahead of warmer weather moving in midweek. We’ll be in the 60s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon with a shot at 70 on Sunday. That’s ahead of our next big front and rain maker, timed out to move in Saturday evening through the overnight hours. Rain Continues into Sunday morning with much cooler air flowing in behind the front.

Meteorologist Andrew Gorton

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