Hinesville PD stressing safety precautions after bicycle vs. car ends in fatality

Hinesville PD on pedestrian crashes

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The Hinesville Police Department has a message for drivers and pedestrians in the area after a bicycle versus car incident ended in a fatality.

They are stressing that it is important for drivers to look out for pedestrians and bicyclists, and for them to pay attention to drivers.

The police department tells us they investigated 1,374 traffic crashes in Hinesville in 2018. Not a large portion of those crashes involved pedestrians or bicyclists, so it’s not something that happens often in the community. Of those crashes that were investigated, 13 of them were vehicle versus pedestrian, and 15 of those were vehicle versus bicycle.

Just last week, a bicyclist was hit by a driver and later died, so police wanted to make sure they were stressing safety as drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists go their destinations.

Their most recent incident is still under investigation, but an officer with the Traffic Investigations Unit says the bicyclist did follow safety precautions.

“He has lights on his bicycle. They were tested, but right now we are still looking at that, and the bicyclist was wearing a gray jacket and khaki pants,” said Michael Ramirez, Hinesville PD.

Hinesville Police also say it’s important for people on bikes to make sure they are following safety precautions when riding their bikes in the daytime or nighttime.

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