Man, dog killed in apartment fire on Savannah’s Southside

Fatal Savannah fire ruled accidental

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A man and his dog died Tuesday night after a fire took place at Phillips Winters Apartments on Savannah’s Southside.

Crews were dispatched to the apartment on Mohawk Street at 5:52 p.m. They arrived within one minute to find 64-year-old Everett Bright and his dog unresponsive. Officials say the apartment bedroom and its contents sustained significant damage.

Savannah Fire says the fire was accidental, but was related to the improper disposal of a cigarette. They want to reiterate that you are not supposed to have smoking products around oxygen tanks. Investigators don’t think the oxygen played a role in the fire, but there was an oxygen generator in the apartment.

People who live near Bright say they saw and talked to him all the time, and they can’t believe he’s gone.

'He was cool. He sat down at my friend Freddy’s house. He was cool. I just saw him like the day before," said Tyreese Harrison, Savannah.

“Safety should always be something that’s on your mind. When you’re discarding your cigarettes, make sure your ashtrays...put a little bit of water in it,” said Fred Anderson, Savannah Fire. “Make sure it’s out and put it in the trashcan. Just make sure it’s good and out before you dump it into a trashcan.”

Anderson also says if you hear a neighbor’s smoke alarm go off, check in on them or call 911.

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