3 Reasons to use a Staffing Agency

3 Reasons to use a Staffing Agency
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  • Time – Employees are busier now  than ever before, tasked with doing more with less. Finding people for a  position is a big time investment for a worker with other responsibilities  on their plate. The amount of time it takes to place an ad, gather and read  through resumes, make calls to set up interviews, check references and  perform the actual interview is enormous, sometimes overwhelming to a  person with an already-busy schedule.
  • Risk – The cost of hiring the  wrong person and then trying to end their employment continues to  increase. The time it takes to do all the documentation alone becomes  overwhelming. Companies will use a professional staffing agency’s temp to  perm program to assess the person and make sure they are a good fit before  they add them to their own payroll. This gives both the employee and the  employer a chance to evaluate their decision.
  • Flexibility – When a company’s  work-load has highs and lows, it is easier to bring in extra people when  they are needed – and release them back to the agency for another  assignment when they are not needed. The company doesn’t have to go  through a round of layoffs just to realize they might need more people  again in a few months. Whether it’s a short-term project or a lengthy  assignment, an agency that offers temporary employees is the best  solution.

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