GSU’s ‘Eagle Academy’ helping students with disabilities

GSU’s ‘Eagle Academy’ helping students with disabilities

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Georgia Southern University is helping to provide an education for those with disabilities.

Georgia Southern University’s Eagle Academy helps students who might not succeed in a traditional college career to grow in the classroom and build their lives. Karen Phipps checked on students already in the program.

EAGLE stands for ‘Equal Access to Gainful Learning and Employment.’ The academy helps students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They take one to two university courses per semester that fit into their career goal. The academy offers its own classes, too.

“We teach daily living skills, financial literacy. We provide tutoring. We have a group of mentors who come in with the students academically and socially,” said Karen Phipps, Director.

The goal is to help students find a job that not only gives them income, but also a feeling of accomplishment - something they set the foundation for.

Fall semester may sound like an eternity away, but you have until Feb. 23 to get a student enrolled.

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