Ossabaw island woman celebrates 106 birthday

Ossabaw island woman celebrates 106 birthday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - An Ossabaw Island woman just reached an impressive milestone.

Eleanor "Sandy" West celebrated her 106 birthday! West is the last private owner of Ossabaw Island in Chatham County.

She lived on the island - full time - from 1987 until 2016. West now lives in Savannah.

"Sandy West moved to Ossabaw Island when she was nine in 1924. She spent her winters there; she then moved to Ossabaw full time in 1987. So, she really is our moral compass when it comes to Ossabaw and its inspiration to all of us,” Ossabaw Island Foundation Executive Director Elizabeth DuBose said.

The Ossabaw Island Foundation’s annual meeting began shortly after the celebration with an official launch of a new book called “Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture”. It’s the history of the Georgia coast spanning over 5,000 years.

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