Savannah Hockey Classic brings large crowds

Savannah Hockey Classic brings large crowds

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Savannah Sports Council has been putting on the Savannah Hockey Classic since it was started in 1999.

Savannah Sports Council Director Rob Wells said this event wouldn’t be possible without the council and the members who work hard each year.

“The committee members are really the ones we need to give all the credit to. We have five guys that have been with us since the very first year and they are working hard. They are out there right now getting things going,” said Wells.

Wells said the event is a success each year because of the fans who come out and cheer on their favorite teams.

“They really get into this. They love the hits. They love the goals. The speed of the game is incredible.”

Some of those fans who are originally from Ohio said since they moved to Savannah they haven’t seen hockey. This gives them a chance to feel a piece of their home here in the Coastal Empire.

“It’s a totally different experience," said Breann Lhotsky. "This only happens once a year. In Ohio is happens every weekend, whenever we want to go. So, it’s really fun to be here in this environment and everyone is just so excited.”

The Savannah Hockey Classic is held only two days out of the year. Those two days give each fan a chance to experience the sport even if they have or haven’t played in years past.

Wells says he believes it’s the college rivalries that make the hockey classic so special.

“I think what really makes it so special is the college rivalries that Savannah loves. You know, it’s the Georgia Florida – the Georgia Tech Florida State and of course, tonight we got the match up Savannah really wanted which is the championship game between Georgia and Georgia Tech.”

Fans may have been pulling for different teams but there was one thing they all had in common. They think the weather in Savannah doesn’t really fit the hockey weather too well.

“It’s very strange that it’s 70 degrees and you are going to a hockey game. It’s usually a lot colder. You know, up there right now it’s probably 10 degrees and they are getting a few inches of snow tonight sot it’s very different," said Lou Chapman.

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