Georgians ‘March for Life’ in D.C.

Georgians ‘March for Life’ in D.C.

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Nearly 200 Georgians spend a long day trying to ensure more Americans get a chance at life.

Savannah Georgia Catholic Diocese Bishop Emeritus Kevin Boland said changing the nation’s culture and laws can begin with a step and a march. “It sends a message that we stand for life,” he said.

The retired religious leader argues the separation of church and state shouldn’t silence believers, especially when speaking up for the voiceless. “God is our creator, god is the one who gives us life, god is the one who takes life,” he said.

The Georgians are not alone in their crusade. Hundreds of thousands carried the same message through the capital in the 46th annual March for Life.

“I believe that all life if precious and valuable from the moment of conception,” said Seamus Coughlin. He’s a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Coughlin isn’t counting on the Supreme Court’s new, conservative members to further limit or ban abortion. “You can’t really count on the political class to do anything in favor of your principles if you don’t hold them yourself, and do everything you can to see those values come to fruition, so that’s what we’re doing here,” he said.

Saturday, the March for Life crowd will be replaced by one largely pulling in the other direction. Many of those taking part in the 3rd annual Women’s March believe America’s abortion laws are too restrictive.

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