South Carolina group opposes medical marijuana bill

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COLUMBIA, SC (WTOC) -A large group of South Carolina lawmakers, law enforcement, and religious leaders sent a clear message on Wednesday.

They don’t believe marijuana is medication. In a press conference in the South Carolina state house lobby, they shared their opposition to the compassionate care act.

If passed, medical marijuana can be prescribed by a physician for certain medical conditions.

The South Carolina medical association says more research needs to be done before they can support this bill.

The attorney general called marijuana the most dangerous drug in America because it is misunderstood.

“People on the other side of this issue are well intentioned," said Alan Wilson, the Attorney General of South Carolina. "I don’t question their sincerity or their intentions. I truly believe they think this is a good policy position to take. Unfortunately, consequences don’t care intentions or sincerity.”

He says states that have allowed recreational or medical marijuana have seen a growing black market. He adds that crimes related to marijuana have increased in those states as well.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel voiced his disapproval of the compassionate care act along with other law enforcement associations.

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