As ‘tidying’ shows gain popularity, charities in Coastal Empire could see benefit

Donations tied to popular Netflix series?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You may have seen or at least heard about a recently released series on Netflix called “Tidying Up.”

The show aims to inspire people to de-clutter and get rid of items that don’t “spark joy” - anything from clothes to kitchen items.

We checked with area organizations that accept unwanted items to see if the shows popularity has increased donations in the new year.

While leaders of local non-profits can’t necessarily point to a direct correlation between the popular Netflix series and increasing donations, they certainly welcome anything that may spur on a more giving mentality.

Marie Kondo is taking the tidying world by storm, leading some to shed possessions by the bag full.

Pametto Goodwill’s PR Officer says they’re very appreciative of shows like Tidying Up that help people re-think how they’re living, because any donations they receive and sell turns into money for job training and employment services.

Beaufort County's Goodwill stores have seen more than double the donations this January compared to last, but have been open longer at this point without a snow and ice storm to close operations.

Taking a look at another charitable organization, The Salvation Army (Savannah’s locations) had a great last quarter.

“When people take the opportunity to spring clean, or to clean up some of the items that they have they bring them over to The Salvation Army, we’re able to turn those into dollars for our programs, or clothes or furniture for people in need, so the blessing is obviously great for us when people do that in their own lives," said Savannah Salvation Army Major, Paul Egan.

Egan says sales of donations led to a $150,000 gain for Savannah’s locations and the district’s Statesboro location.

Whatever correlation there is between the hit show and peoples' purging, it’s a win-win for the groups that depend on donations.

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