Consider This: Howard Morrison

Consider This: 1/28/19

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Last week our community lost one of its great leaders, though the word leader isn’t big enough to hold Howard Morrison, nor is there a word big enough to describe the impact he’s had on all of our lives.

A banker by trade, Howard Morrison devoted his life to enriching as many others as he could. It was both his belief and mission to make sure we had the means and resources to better educate our youth.

While the Savannah Georgia Tech campus may be his most visible contribution to that mission, it certainly isn’t his only. His role in evolving Savannah Technical College into a proud, future-looking institution was invaluable. His work with the Savannah Economic Development Authority was groundbreaking. And the heart he showed as a Junior Achievement volunteer at Butler Elementary displayed the genuineness of his commitment.

In 2006, When Roger Moss wanted to “unite the children in our community through the power of song”, Howard Morrison was there to support the mission.

Four years ago, when our own Dawn Baker and her mother Lula wanted to start their Dawn’s Daughter’s Leadership Academy, Mr. Morrison one again unselfishly gave of his time, his money and his expertise.

Those are just a few of the incalculable examples of Howard Morrison’s philanthropy and desire to make us all better.

Consider this: There’s a quotient that is often used to help define the undefinable known as “the it factor.” By my definition it’s an amalgamation of characteristics that a person possesses that makes them uniquely special and uniquely important to our wellbeing. But by any definition, Howard Morrison had IT and thanks to his generosity, our community has IT as well.

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