Cadaver dogs training in Savannah cemeteries

Cadaver dogs training in Savannah cemeteries

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Search dogs that specialize in finding dead bodies are training in several Savannah cemeteries over the next few days.

Wednesday, the K9 units trained in Colonial Park Cemetery. Law enforcement and archaeologists use the dogs as a tool to search for human remains. The trainers say the dogs are perfect for the work because they are able to detect a body without disturbing the scene.

“Instead of spending days, sometimes weeks running ground penetrating radar and other tools, they’re able to use the cadaver dogs to help pinpoint those graves to try and prevent unintentional disturbance for construction projects such as roads," said Paul Martin, Coordinating Instructor, HRD.

Teams will be training in Laurel Grove North and South Cemeteries starting Thursday through the weekend. The cemeteries will remain open during training, and the public is allowed to watch.

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