Live Oak Libraries get high-speed internet

Live Oak Libraries get high speed internet

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Live Oak Public Library System got a huge boost in technology Wednesday thanks to a major business helping out.

The local library system in the Coastal Empire now has high speed internet, thanks to Comcast Business. It was officially announced at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Bull Street Library, Wednesday morning.

The new network connects all 16 libraries in the system. That includes 460 public computers on a network that can deliver up to 100 gigabits per session.

“What we see people coming to the library for is to learn about jobs, apply on line for jobs, help them with their studies for school to find out health information, and this is going to make it faster, easier and more reliable," said Tom Sloan, Library Executive Director. “It is really a good day. We are really a 21st Century library, as we heard earlier this morning. We heard Comcast say that we are at the speed of any other library in our country, and so we are very excited that we are able to bring state of the art services to Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty counties.”

“For us, we really really enjoy, and we love the vision of this library system, so the whole the whole part about making the library system a technology hub," said Michael Thibodeaux, Comcast Business. “I will tell you we are proud to partner with this library system. We love the way it’s going, and we hope we have the opportunity to continue to make a difference in the community, and to push the technology forward."

The Live Oak Public Libraries offers free community resources to all, with or without a library card.

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