Fort Pulaski reopens after partial government shutdown

Fort Pulaski reopens after partial government shutdown

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Fort Pulaski is back open to visitors after the partial government shutdown closed it for over a month.

Along with the Coast Guard, park rangers are back at work on the Islands. They’re putting in extra work to get the place back in shape after being unmanned for so long.

The government could shut down again on Feb. 15.

Park rangers say right now, that’s not their top priority.

“Right now, we are just moving full steam ahead. We are going to operate as though we are not going to have another shutdown and that we are going to be open, because we have a lot of activities and a lot of events coming up this spring that we want to be ready for," said Joel Cadoff, Chief of Interpretation of Ft. Pulaski Monument.

As they are still getting caught up, some programs might not start up until next week.

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