Good News: Outside workers looking forward to warmer temps next week

Good News: Outside workers looking forward to warmer temps next week

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We’re all thrilled that the weather has gotten a lot more comfortable from where it was earlier this week - none of us more than the people who work outside.

Friday’s sunshine warmed more than hearts for those who make a living in the elements.

By Friday afternoon, it had to almost feel like summertime on Burnside Island to the guys working outside.

“This is beautiful. This is what we’ve been waiting on, believe it or not. I’m about to shed this I think and go with the T-Shirt the rest of the day,” said Herbie Curry.

If you thought it was cold the last few mornings, imagine how Herbie Curry felt.

He washes cars - by hand. In any weather, including the sub-freezing wind chills the Coastal Empire felt earlier this week.

“The last couple of days have been borderline miserable. I mean, four layers going out the door. We’d have to stop and sit in the truck every 15 or 20 minutes to thaw out fingers and whatnot, but you’ve got to eat, got to pay the bills, so we keep going,” Curry said.

Curry and his crew of Devin Green and Jerry Williams are just a few of the area’s outdoor workforce who won’t have to worry about the elements with warmer weather back in the forecast, but they were affected by the cold when it was here.

“We normally do anywhere between eight, 10, 13 cars on a good day when it’s nice like this. The last couple of days, they asked me around 1:00, ‘is this the last one?’ and I was like,' yeah, this is it.' It was good to get home and get warmed up a bit,” he said.

But not too warm - because Curry is familiar with working in the opposite extreme as well. Six years ago, he left his family’s dry cleaning business to do his own thing, and even this week, he did not miss hot days at the shop.

“That’s miserable. Around those heat presses and steam, it can get really hot in there. This is just something I’ve always wanted to do. It was my first love, I cleaned cars since I was in high school on and off as side work, but I’ve been lucky to build it up and have the good clientele of people we do,” Curry said.

Those customers will be able count on getting their car washed - even when the weather changes again.

“We’ve had a pretty fair, pretty mild wintertime all together, so we haven’t had much to deal with other than waiting until 9 or 10 a.m. to get started. I quit complaining when I saw my buddy from high school who lives in Chicago with a minus-31 posting on the weather map this morning.”

The best news? It could get up into the high 70′s next week.

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