New businesses coming to ‘Mosaic Town Center’ development in Pooler

Growing infrastructure needs in Pooler

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - The City of Pooler continues to grow, and so too does the list of new developments, from business to residential.

We’re now learning more about what businesses will be a part of the new development at the south end of Pooler Parkway - “Mosaic Town Center” - near the intersection at I-16.

The conceptual drawings and video certainly are enough to get your imagination going on what this end of the Parkway could be like and offer, not to just people living in the area, but also people making the trip in from other areas of Chatham County and surrounding counties.

A video that was posted on YouTube in mid-January shows an aerial view of what developers call a neighborhood hub that features shopping, dining, living, and entertainment with an urban vibe.

What’s most notable, perhaps, is the business logos seen on that map: a Costco and a Starbucks.

There's been speculation about what's going in at Mosaic, but this is the first indication of any potential commitment.

Getting a clearer picture of who new neighbors could be puts some minds of nearby residents a little more at ease.

“The first thought is nervousness, and how big is it, and what exactly are they going to put in there? But then as you learn more information, it’s gonna be retail, it’s gonna be restaurants, it’s gonna be new, good stuff. We’re all excited about new," said Bryan Menees, resident of The Gates at Savannah Quarters, which borders the Mosaic.

Of course, the Parker’s is already open, and on the other side of the Parkway, HOS Management’s retail center will bring in bundle of other businesses and options residents on the south end of the Parkway can enjoy.

“Restaurants and shops, and instead of having to drive 18 miles away, now we’re driving or walking a half a mile," Menees said.

Menees realizes that with the good, could come the not-so-good, and that’s where he hopes channels of communication will be open between residents and city leaders.

“This influx in new business and new traffic could obviously bring an increase in crime, possibly? We don’t know, but as long as the police resources are there and we’re fully covered and they’ve got all the resources divvied up, and they’re planning and they communicate that to the residents, I think that’s what most residents would want. Clear communication that we’re fully covered, with not just police, but all of our emergency responders," Menees said.

Pooler City leadership often hears about traffic concerns with the impending development.

“Being able to cross over Pooler Parkway to get to I-16, it used to be certain times of the day, but now it’s pretty much continuous. It’s just very hard to get out," said Pooler resident, Telecia Turner.

Turner pulls out of Memorial Boulevard, an intersection she says needs a traffic light. Mayor Lamb agrees. He tells WTOC the plan is to have one up when either the Enmarket or the apartments across the street open for business. That will make five traffic signals from I-16 to Pine Barren Road, less than a mile north.

“We are already looking into how can we put in sync these lights from there all the way across 16 to the other side, where the Mosaic’s at," the mayor said.

Mayor Lamb says council will keep a close eye on public safety needs as developments grow, and things like increasing traffic.

As development continues to happen all over Pooler, that means more money on the tax rolls for the city, and better services for its citizens.

“For one thing, you can look at our millage rate. It’s somewhere in the area of 3.6937. Not many cities can compare to that and offer the same things that our city offers,” Mayor Lamb said.

Lamb says a lot of the tax collected goes toward public safety and protection.

Road widening is also another thing Pooler will be looking at - from Quacco to I-95. That’s something that could come up in the requests for the next round of SPLOST in the coming months.

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