Internal audit spurs change within Rincon Police Department

Internal audit spurs change within Rincon Police Department

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Rincon’s new police chief has been on the job for less than four months, and he’s already overhauling some ways the department operates.

Chief Mark Gerbino conducted an internal audit to figure out what was working and what wasn’t. He found some serious functional issues.

The idea behind this internal audit is to make sure the changes happening inside the Rincon Police Department transfer outside to improve relationships and policing in the community.

A step inside the RIncon Police Department property and evidence room shows shelves overflowing with boxes and bags.

“A nicer, bigger property room, in this case, is just essentially one that can handle the volume of evidence," Chief Gerbino said.

The need for a new space is just one of the changes Gerbino identified through the internal audit.

"This isn’t about pointing fingers. This is about developing template for change. When a new chief comes in, the new chief needs to be honest, have a clear optic on what’s broken and what isn’t, and then produce a template for change that government and the community are going to be happy with,” Chief Gerbino said.

Construction is already underway inside the department to expand the property room to better organize evidence and build a sound-proof interview room for investigations.

“They deserve a private soundproofed area," the chief said.

Gerbino says these changes are to help the department function more efficiently to bolster public trust in the department.

“Change is essentially just uncomfortable for some, and the key to a good law enforcement executive is to bring about change with transparency, with optimism," he said.

And eventually, to get the department accredited by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.

“If you’re accredited, that’s a testimony to your agency being able to be efficient and operationally sound," Gerbino said.

He hopes to have the department fully accredited in by 2022.

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