Port Wentworth to move administrative offices to new City Hall later this year

Port Wentworth City Hall moving to new location

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - As the City of Port Wentworth continues to grow, so too does the need for more room for administrative office space.

For that reason, city leaders have decided to move from the current City Hall to a new location on Highway 21 in the northern part of the city limits, at the current Renasant Bank.

That includes the mayor’s office, human resources, finance department, city clerk and public services. City Council will meet in the building’s upper floor. It will also be where citizens can pay water and sewer bills.

City leaders say the location is a natural fit and will be in the middle of the constantly growing northern part of the city limits.

The old City Hall will still serve citizens, though. The police department will move in, and municipal court will continue to operate there as well.

Port Wentworth’s mayor and mayor pro-tem had all positive things to say about the move.

“It’s just more like the center of the city. Everybody can come there and it’s gonna be a good place," said Port Wentworth Mayor, Gary Norton.

Mayor Pro-Tem, Debbie Johnson, also added “This is going to be an improvement. This is going to be a good thing, and we’re on board, the mayor’s on board, and I’m just excited about it.”

Phil Jones, Port Wentworth’s City Manager, also said this in news release announcing the decision: “It’s a very nice building. The upstairs is wide open, and we have plans for creating some office space upstairs and a meeting room. It’ll be a significant upgrade, change and overall modernization. We hope this move shows an effort on the City of Port Wentworth’s part to move forward, continue with progress, get on track and open for business.”

The bank will be relocating operations at the beginning of April to the new location at the Shops at Rice Hope, just up Highway 21.

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