Top Teacher: Nancy Singleton, Savannah Classical Academy

Top Teacher: Nancy Singleton, Savannah Classical Academy

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Nancy Singleton loves teaching her Fourth Grade class at Savannah Classical Academy.

“I love it. I’ve done this for over 13 years. I love it. I love this age group. I love the discussions that we have. I love it. They are able to have discussions,” Singleton said. “I think teaching older children would be great, but they are sponges at this age. They love to learn. That’s really exciting.”

This is a second career for Singleton, who worked in the banking world before. She says that has helped her in her teaching.

“A lot of classroom management is just like people management. You need to understand different personalities, you need to touch different people in different ways; not physically but emotionally. That really helped in my experience," Singleton said.

Singleton says one of the most important things you can do is build a relationship with the students.

“We all say Good Morning together. I make it a point every single day. Every student that walks in from being in line, I look them in the eye and they have to say Good Morning to me because we are starting off on a positive note."

Singleton is quick to add that the children will be expected to work in her classroom.

“I’m not here to be your best friend,” she said. “I’m here to be your teacher, and I will help you any way I can.”

“Follow her directions and pay attention and be nice to her because she’s the best teacher in the world,” said student, Chloe Cipoletti.

“I just want them to think, ‘I learned a lot in Fourth Grade,’ and, ‘Ms. Singleton, I want to hear the way we did long division. Ms. Singleton taught me that.’ That really makes it special,” she said.

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