Georgia Southern holds meetings to discuss future strategic plan

GSU holds meetings to discuss future strategic plan

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - People are giving their input on the future of the region’s largest university.

Georgia Southern University creates a long-term strategic plan every five years to know where they want to go. This plan may be more important than any before it or any in the near future.

Groups of faculty, staff, students, and people from the community gathered Thursday for three Town Hall meetings to discuss the university’s strengths and challenges. The feedback goes into the university’s formal strategic plan.

The committee that collects info from the three campuses will compile it and submit it to Southern’s new president, Dr. Kyle Marrero shortly after he arrives in April. With his arrival and the ongoing changes from consolidation, this plan will guide Georgia Southern through some of its most historic and challenges times.

“This is going to help define who we are, covering three campuses and where we want to go,” said Dr. Karen Bland, Co-chair.

The third meeting was held Thursday night.

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