Live Oak Public Libraries receive grant to support students in place of Children’s Book Festival

Future of Children's Book Festival uncertain

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We’re less than two weeks away from the Savannah Book Festival.

We’re learning that the Children’s Book Festival has a new grant to support students in place of the festival.

The organizer says they are waiting to see how this year goes with partnering with The Savannah Book Festival, so there isn’t a definite yes or no as to whether the Children’s Festival will come back.

The biggest thing people want to know is - has the Children’s Book Festival applied for funding for the next year?

“We applied for this “authors in the library” program and authors in the school program, and this city has granted us $17,500 for this coming year to identify great authors to bring into the schools and in the libraries for special presentations," said Tom Sloan, Children’s Book Festival.

Since the future of the Children’s Book Festival is up in the air, they say they still want to have those activities for students to make up for it by bringing authors into schools.

“This is really our effort to bring those kind of activities back to the community.”

With the Book Festival a little over a week away, they say they hope the partnership with the Savannah Book Festival turns into something great that they could possibly keep doing in the future.

“The idea of having both Saturday primarily focused on adult authors, and Sunday focused on children authors, seems to be an idea that people are interested in and we will see how it goes this year.”

“We’re really good at book festivals and they’re really good at kids, so it has just been a great connection. I think once the festival’s over, the leadership groups from both organizations are planning to meet, look at it, see how it went, and see what we’re going to do looking forward. Those decisions have not been made at this point. We’re just looking forward to a great event this year," said Kim Bockius-Suwyn, Savannah Book Festival.

The Children’s Book Festival has their new grant that will still go towards children in Savannah, but they are waiting to see how this year will play out by partnering with the Savannah Book Festival.

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